What is the Proton blockchain?
"Programmable Money that works" - Marshall Hayner, Co-Founder & CEO of Proton
Zero gas fee
All transactions are instant and ultimately free for anyone forever. Send even micropayments with no headache.
Smart contracts
Powerful smart-contract platform to build dApps, which use all benefits of zero-fee transactions.
Universal names
No more unrecognizable addresses - just use a name to send or receive tokens like that: @brotonbp.
4,000 TPS
Proton has been stress-tested at over 40 million transactions per day, and it is not the limit.
Verified Identity
Proton chain stores identity attestations by multiple identity providers, both for individuals (KYC) and businesses (KYB).
Wrapped tokens
Easily wrap most blue-chip cryptocurrencies into xTokens and transmit them with no fees.
Get started
We will give you a short tour of Proton to make your journey easy and comfortable.
WebAuth.com wallet
Proton has one of the best mobile wallets in crypto! It is beautiful, fast, smooth, and secure! Here is a shortlist of the wallet features:

  • Account registration
  • Multi-assets support
  • Send and receive tokens
  • Make external deposits/withdrawals of wrapped tokens
  • Swap tokens
  • Stake XPR and vote for block producers
  • Track asset prices
  • NFT support
  • Authorize dApps to access your account

Apps interact with the Proton blockchain by in-wallet payment requests. So, the mobile wallet is all you need to work with Proton - no more browser plugins!
Proton Swap
Proton Swap is an official Proton dApp (Decentralized Application) providing DeFI (Decentralized Finance) features to Proton users. It consists of four parts:

  • Swap (Decentralized Exchange for exchanging one cryptocurrency for another fast and secure)
  • Pools (Provide DEX with liquidity and enable liquidity providers to earn returns from swap fees)
  • Farms (Helps liquidity providers to earn high APY to attract more liquidity to the DEX)
  • Bridge (Connects Proton with other blockchains allowing to deposit, wrap and withdraw other cryptos)
  • Fiat-on-Ramp (Buy crypto with your bank account - for verified users only)
Proton Loan
Proton Loan is a non-custodial decentralized lending protocol powered by the Proton blockchain.

There are two parties:
  • Lenders who deposit liquidity and earn APY.
  • Borrowers who take collateralized loans and pay interest.

With competitive rates for lending crypto and attractive rates for borrowing, Proton Loan stands out compared to other TradFi and DeFi options.

Also, a distinctive feature of Proton Loan is its multi-currency abilities, thanks to Proton wrapped tokens technology. You can loan and borrow blue-chip cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT and USDC stable coins, etc.

And, of course, all other benefits of Proton may be projected to Proton Loan, like instant transactions, zero commissions, and the easy-to-use WebAuth.com wallet.
Proton Market

Proton Market is the official NFT marketplace by the Proton team. Why launch your NFTs on Proton Market?

  • No gas fees for users to purchase NFTs on the Proton blockchain.
  • Low fees to mint NFTs, with mint prices around just a few cents.
  • Instant transactions mean no wait times - so your buyers can own their new purchases immediately.
  • Low barriers to entry. Buyers shouldn’t have to pay $40-$200 in fees just to own an NFT.
  • Royalties - earn passive income every time one of your creations is resold.

We should note that there are more popular alternative markets with a broader set of features:

You can get additional information about the Soon.Market project in our article.
Proton KYC
To unlock all the great features Proton offers, you must verify your identity on the Proton Blockchain. If you are doing this for the first time, please prepare a government-issued identification document (Drivers License or Passport) and a device with the WebAuth Wallet installed.

*Required for Fiat-on-Ramp.
Tell us about your project
Broton Guide
You can also learn Proton's basics and follow a few simple steps to promote it with our Broton Guide.

  • Find out what are the primary information sources.
  • Complete some valuable actions for Proton.
  • Learn about different ways how to buy XPR.
  • Learn how to stake XPR to receive additional returns.
For developers

Web3 SDKs for writing and interacting with Proton smart contracts.

Developer documentation
Proton is built over the widespread EOSIO technology, so you can quickly start developing for Proton if you are familiar with it. If not, it's not a problem with the new ability to write smart contracts using AssemblyScript and with the help of brilliant documentation.

  • Proton smart contracts compile to WASM for maximum performance at 4000 TPS.
  • Its similarity with TypeScript makes it easy to compile to WebAssembly without learning a new language.
  • Integrates with the existing Web ecosystem - no heavy toolchains to set up. Simply npm install it!
Developer grants
The Proton Worker Proposal System (PWPS) is an amazing opportunity to get funding to build a project that uses or promotes the Proton blockchain. Proton is the most consumer-friendly blockchain to build on and we want you to help us make it even better.

The WPS is a funding mechanism for the Proton, enabling developers and other value creators to request funds from the Proton blockchain for their projects outside of Proton block rewards.