About us
Our primary mission is to support the Proton community and provide it with helpful content and services.
We are Broton BP, a small team of IT professionals with 15+ years of experience in web and mobile development, server administration, and marketing.

We think that blockchain is the greatest thing that happened to humanity in the last decade because it started a new era of financial freedom for every individual. And we love ⚛️ Proton ⚛️ for how it deals with the main blockchain challenges: scalability, usability, accessibility, and security.

The word "Broton" was born inside the Proton community. It symbolizes solidarity and unity and literally means "my bro who loves Proton as much as I do."
Ownership disclosure

Broton BP is owned and self-funded by Roman Solovev.
We run blockchain nodes powered by sophisticated equipment ready for blockchain growth.



Chain API (query): http://testnet.brotonbp.com

P2P (seed): testnet.brotonbp.com:9876

BP config: bp.json


Chain API (query): http://mainnet.brotonbp.com
P2P (seed): mainnet.brotonbp.com:9876

BP config: bp.json

Also, we are working on setting up Hyperion API and AtomicAssets API nodes.

You can watch after block producers' performance using the Block Producers Benchmarks tool by Aloha EOS for Testnet and Mainnet.

Content production
We strive to educate people about Proton, and we produce a lot of author content for these purposes.
For the most part, in our blog, you will find manuals on various Proton features and services with detailed how-tos.
Some people don't like long boring readings, but they like to visualize things - this way, information is absorbed faster. That's why we created a series of infographics explaining Proton DeFi features.
Built on Proton
Also, we are collecting information about 3rd-party projects Built on Proton. We think it is helpful to see all projects in one place. We communicate with each team individually to get acquainted with their stories and visions. A lot of cool projects are already launched, and more are coming!
Broton Journal
We also keep a live journal on Medium, where we share our experiences and write about what we've done and what milestones on our BP path we achieved.
Our services
Blockchain was made for transparency, but it may not be so easy to find valuable information among tons of data. We create services that provide you with insights and help you discover the Proton blockchain.
Proton Whales Alert
Get notifications on all significant transfers on the Proton blockchain! Various tokens and transaction types are tracked, including Transfers, Staking, Proton Swap, and Proton Loan operations. ⚛️⚡
Track Proton metrics in dynamics: accounts, token holders, votes of the block producers. Add the website to your bookmarks and watch how your favourite blockchain grows!
Broton Rookie Bot
Learn the basics of Proton and follow a few simple steps to promote it with our interactive BrotonRookieBot. Everyone who supports BROTON BP will receive a free 3D Broton Emblem NFT.
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