A new social platform for crypto, NFT and blockchain project community building. Connect, Share, Discuss NFTs, Cryptocurrency Projects and Market.

A new social platform for crypto, NFT and blockchain project community building. Connect, Share, Discuss NFTs, Cryptocurrency Projects and Market.
Jervis Dent
The only founder of; also serves as the project’s primary developer.

At present, Jervis is assisted by multiple other developers to varying degrees. Additionally, Jervis has sought the input of outside advisers regarding both technical and business issues. As Snipcoins gains traction and moves forward, additional members of the team will be introduced.

What is is your social media home for crypto-related activity.

Powered by its multi-medium interconnectivity and token incentivized content creation, is the all-in-one social media hub specifically designed for crypto, NFT and blockchain project community building. This focus includes the individual member seeking a comfortable platform to engage on varying levels with other aficionados, as well as organized projects seeking to establish an interactive “headquarters” for their respective communities.

Given its integration with wallet, is a natural central Proton community hub for those looking to explore or launch ProtonChain based altcoin ventures or NFT projects. Without a doubt, our primary focus is to ensure that the Proton experience on is as seamless and user-friendly as possible.

That said, is certainly not Proton exclusive. Snipcoins is, however, crypto exclusive – all content and projects must be related to cryptocurrency, NFTs, or blockchain technology. The possibilities are exciting to imagine – tokenomics & incentive lectures, NFT creation workshops, or even offering smart contract coding services.
While a member needs to open a Proton Wallet to use, it is unnecessary to hold Proton’s XPR, SNIPS or any other cryptocurrency.

Snipcoins offers a member significant functionality completely free. Although more limited than accompanying the Lite or Pro tiered membership, this Basic membership allows one to explore and engage the project communities housed on and interact with other crypto-enthusiast members without making any financial commitment.

Of course, we believe the value within the Lite and Pro tiers will become evident and quite enticing to Basic users, who can upgrade by holding differing levels of SNIPS:

● Basic – free, just open a Proton Wallet and register on
● Lite – Hold 100,000 SNIPS
● Pro – Hold 1,000,000 SNIPS

Basic membership includes:

● Set-up membership profile - including choosing desired profile pic and background graphic
● Post only text content - including opinion pieces with links to crypto news reporting and posts with links to external content, such as NFT marketplace listings
● Ability to join groups, browse projects and all content and post text replies
● Save Snips (posts)
● Earn points for creating permitted content & transfer those points to SNIPS if desired

Lite and Pro membership advantages:

  • All from the Basic plan
  • Complete control over your profile
  • Verified badge (Pro only)
  • Featured member (Pro only)
  • Show / Hide last seen
  • Create Group (Pro only)
  • Create Project (Pro only)
  • Posts promotion (10 - for Pro, 1 - for Lite)
  • Projects promotion (10 - for Pro)
  • Sell NFT
  • Create Poll
  • Upload Images and Videos
  • Make Voice and Video Calls
  • Live Stream
$SNIPS Tokenomics
SNIPS is purely a utility token minted on Proton Chain serving as the basis for upgraded membership on Holding SNIPS does not include any governance rights or equity rights.

The total supply of SNIPS minted (also equals the total maximum supply) – 100 Billion SNIPS.

50% of this supply is reserved for rewarding content creation on and other marketing giveaways, such as the initial free airdrop distribution of SNIPS. The other 50% of the SNIPS token supply comprises released exchange liquidity, founders allocation and unreleased liquidity.
Exchange released liquidity - 10 Billion SNIPS, which is 10% of the total SNIPS token supply. Of this allocation, 7 Billion SNIPS has been released to Alcor Exchange priced at $0.0001 USD/SNIPS. The remaining 3 Billion SNIPS is to provide swapping liquidity through Proton Swap. This initial valuation would raise $1 million to support ongoing development, operational expenses and prepare for strategic next steps.

Frostic LLC’s allocation – 10 Billion SNIPS, which is 10% of the total SNIPS token supply, with a small amount in circulation. Given the decision to forgo a traditional ICO and rather primarily airdrop SNIPS amounts equivalent to Lite membership, Frostic LLC, the entity which owns, has been assigned this allocation to raise funds on the open market to cover operational expenses, to reasonably compensate team members and freelancers, and perhaps used as consideration in any strategic alliances. Given SNIPS critical role in incentivizing content creation and’s overall success, every effort will be given to use Frostic LLC’s allocation to support SNIPS’ price.

Exchange unreleased liquidity – 10 Billion SNIPS, or an additional 10% of the overall token supply and currently in circulation. This allocation is held within the proton wallet “snipcoins” and will be released via exchange for public purchase once the current release is bought.

Strategic Release – 20 Billion SNIPS, or 20% of the overall token supply and currently not in circulation. This is where the really exciting part of Snipcoin’s growth journey really begins. Getting to the point that means has onboarded significant membership numbers which in the aggregate are creating large volumes of content. These 20 Billion SNIPS are split between the “snipsreserve” and “jervisdent” Proton Wallets. Any activity involving the Strategic Release funds will first use up the “snipsreserve” allocation before using those in the “jervisdent” account. As is easily ascertainable, the “jervisdent” account is the founder’s SNIPS allocation. Jervis Dent has committed to not using his allocation for strategic purposes until all other SNIPS allocations (not including the “snipearns” account) have been used and absorbed by the market.

Community (Earnings) allocation – 50 Billion SNIPS, or 50% of the total token supply, with part of it in circulation. This allocation is held within the “snipsearn” Proton Wallet account. It serves as the source of member earned SNIPS and giveaways of SNIPS tokens.

A critical component of’s business model is the use of the SNIPS token as a means of incentivizing the platform’s content creation. However, as a security measure, SNIPS are not rewarded directly. Instead, points are earned by posting content. Accumulated points are then converted to SNIPS at a rate set by Snipcoins. The current conversion rate is 1 SNIPS equals 10 points; points earned as follows:

● Reacting (like) to any post = 100 points
● Commenting on any post = 500 points
● Creating a new post = 5000 points
● Creating a new blog post = 10000 points

There are, however, limitations on how many points can be earned in one day. Currently, the points are capped at earning 100,000 per day with Basic membership and at 300,000 per day for those with Lite and Pro membership.

Future plans have been discussed involving additional utility for both the points earned on the platform and the SNIPS token.

Learn more details from the Snipcoins Whitepaper.

Purchase $SNIPS on the Alcor exchange at the market rate.
Why Proton?
Oh my, Proton is unbeatable as a feeless, layer 1 blockchain. And let's not forget, your Proton account is now linked with your Snipcoins account.

Originally, was designed to run off of the Ethereum blockchain. However, Ethereum’s infamously high gas and network fees made this not feasible. Undoubtedly, Proton’s lack of fees was the initial reason we looked at moving to its blockchain and is a significant contributor to’s overall viability.

However, there are other exciting, real benefits to’s integration with Proton.

The release of Proton’s Wallet 2.0 includes built-in KYC (know your customer) verification for all wallet holders covering 200 countries. This development provides an easy and free solution to an administrative issue for which we in truth had not yet determined a solution. As a social media platform, one challenge is to ensure the original integrity of the content produced on it. Confirming that accounts are associated with real people, limiting bots and the ability to create multiple accounts serve to enhance accountability and limit nameless content dumping. As a young project, such an administrative endeavor was prohibitively resource-consuming whether developed internally or out-sourced.

Now, all members must hold a verified Proton Wallet and, thus, all members have passed a KYC verification. What an incredible operational bonus for integrating with Proton!

Another potentially interesting benefit is the intriguing implication of Proton’s compatibility with DFINITY’s Internet Computer. The Snipcoins team particularly acknowledges the exploration in this area by the pioneering Proton-based project, FREEOS. While this has to be explored more fully internally, current assessments indicate will migrate its site’s and eventual dApp’s hosting to the Internet Computer. Of course, Proton Chain will continue to drive’s transaction system.