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The decentralized careers and talent network


James Barnett
CEO & Founder
8+ years of product experience in various sized organizations, including startups, scaling tech companies, and enterprises. Recruitment experience working for The Adecco Group. Technical background having graduated with a degree in Internet Computing & Systems Administration. Experience working on projects for Adidas, DELL, Ford, Nestle, and Microsoft.

Adam Chappell
CMO & Co-Founder
10+ years of experience in product and marketing and companies of various sizes. Recruitment experience working at Monster. Experience in blockchain industry marketing with VacuumLabs, and helping with Cardano-based projects. Board Member of Habanero Grill, a startup that raised capital on Seedrs that’s still in business after 5+ years.

What is Fishtank?
Fishtank is your decentralized careers and talent network. We believe the future of work is distributed, and by leveraging a combination of DeFi and Web3 technology as a whole, we can help build a future whereby value creators in our global economy can work and manage their professional lives from anywhere in the world on their own terms.

The platform will be driven by what is essentially a search and match engine leveraging AI/ML models. This will enable candidates to identify opportunities with companies that are more aligned with their expectations and companies to source and recruit the best talent from a pool.
What problems are you trying to solve?
Problems with the traditional way:

  • Expectations mismatch - high costs for both job seekers and businesses
  • Bots - other solutions have millions of bots resulting in wasted time and money
  • Lack of verification - recruitment fraud is rife, and it’s hard to know what’s accurate
  • Based on ads - focused on ad mechanism, not the best match based on needs

Our value proposition:

For job seekers:

  • Job search and career management - helping you to showcase your best self
  • Analytics - providing you with the insight needed to make the right career moves
  • Decentralized - putting you back in total control of your finances and work
  • Tokenized - an ecosystem governed by those who bring value to the world
  • Community - join networking events in both the physical world and the Metaverse

For businesses:

  • Verified talent pool - by using Proton’s WebAuth wallet, we can verify applicants
  • Analytics - providing you with the data needed to support hiring decisions
  • Onchain data - tackle recruitment fraud and see on-chain historical data
  • Modular - build job descriptions and recruitment pipelines your way
  • Pricing - affordable and simplified subscription-based pricing for talent pool access
How did you come up with the idea of Fishtank?
We have experience in this area, and our work makes up roughly a third of our day. We’re very driven and passionate about making a change in the industry because of how important it is. If someone has a bad day at the office/work, that can often spill over into personal lives damaging our relationships with our loved ones. This can and does have a real impact and consequences on a generational level.

We want people to find opportunities that make them happy, feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose, and where they want to get up in the morning to make a real impact and feel the work that they do is of value. This will only happen through transparency on both sides and leveraging predictive insight rooted in data-driven decision-making to make recommendations for us.

This is why we want to build a decentralized network for the community and governed by the community.
What benefits of Web3 do you leverage in you product?
Fishtank will leverage the best of what users already expect from the world of Web2 but bring Web3 capabilities to the experience where it makes sense. For example, we'll be able to leverage NFTs as tickets for premium services, track certain things on-chain where it complies with regulations, and accept payment in both FIAT and cryptocurrencies.
Tokenomics and token utilities
We have two tokens at the moment:

  • $MLY (Molly) - this is a utility token. Total supply = 1bn. Holding a certain amount of this will entitle holders to the $JLY airdrop in the future.
  • $JLY (Jellyfish) - this is the governance token. Total supply = 1m. Holding this will allow users to vote once we get a DAO solution up and running.

Both tokens already exist on-chain - a tokenomics split can be seen there.
Current progress and future plans
We're currently working on our non-blockchain based MVP that's built on WordPress. This will allow us to start reaching out to clients, prove out parts of our model and strategy, and gather key insights needed to inform the development of the solution on Proton. It essentially allows us to get to market a lot quicker in a cost-effective manner. We want to ensure we operate as a sustainable business.

Beyond this, we have a fair launch IDO planned on Alcor, an NFT campaign planned, and a plan to release our MVP in August. We will work to bring onboard clients at this point, but our core focus then will be on already moving forward with the build of the Proton-based solution. We also plan to become an incorporated DAO LLC in Wyoming.

We are also looking at cross-chain marketing campaigns that can bring users from communities into the Proton ecosystem and support adoption. For example, we're looking at potentially setting up a podcast with a BEP20 token tied into that, which is linked to Fishtank. If we can increase the visibility of Fishtank and Proton in other communities and drive the adoption of both, then it's a win-win.

Our Roadmap:

Q3 2022:

  • Launch Molly $MLY token via Initial DEX Offering (IDO)
  • Kick-off Thank God It’s Fishtank Friday’s NFT season
  • Start MVP build of the product and launch website
  • Beta launch app MVP and obtain feedback from the community

Q4 2022:

  • Obtain listing on a minimum of one other exchange ($MLY)
  • Continue with Thank God It’s Fishtank Friday’s NFT season
  • Finalize MVP and carry out the initial release of the product offering
  • Special NFT drops over Christmas and New Year
Why Proton?
We chose Proton because we both come from a background in product and marketing, and we're firm believers the experience is the product. Having evaluated 9 other blockchain solutions, including more prominent ones like Solana, it became a very easy decision due to the user-friendly usernames which users are common with, the lack of gas fees which are a UX problem on other chains, and the ability to leverage a secure wallet like WebAuth. Web3 solutions need to add on to the UX of Web2, and Proton does that while a lot of other chains take a step back in experience.

Finally, we have a strong belief in the leadership team at Metallicus and their approach in general (e.g., being compliant, focusing on the end-user experience, and building out a strong ecosystem of capabilities and use cases to be leveraged).