A new, equitable financial system empowering people to democratically steward their own economic destiny, together.


A new, equitable financial system empowering people people to democratically steward their own economic destiny, together.

Jerome Kelsey
Founder - Systems Design Lead
20 years of systems and software design experience, proponent of direct democracy and free and open societies, and Giving Culture ambassador. A creative mind putting dreams into action.
Andrew Zaliwski
Founder - Research & Development Lead
40 years of computer programming, mathematics, and systems architecture. A scientific researcher and systems architect building FreeDAO’s first tool of freedom and collaboration.
Jerome Hartigan
Co-Founder - Onboarding & Strategy Operations
Decades as an executive leader, entrepreneur, investor and coach. A former Olympic athlete with a passion for people driving the team towards the finish line.
Dan Kimball
Serial entrepreneur connecting people from all over the world. Proponent of increased sustainability and freedom in governance structures. Aligns dreams with principles.
Tom McCann
Senior Architect & Developer
Long time IT veteran involved in the emergence of networking, the PC revolution, Groupware and Internet. Developer of his own neural network, genetic algorithms, and smart contracts. Strategic, technical developer of everything.
Jude Tan
Business Analyst & Quality Assurance
A veteran of the FinTech industry in the roles of developer and business analyst. Vast experience in systems development and a tester's keen eye for detail. Instrumental in moving the team towards a test-driven development approach.
Mike Brunt
Dev Ops & Quality Assurance
Dedicated to building infrastructure, networking and troubleshooting, whether it’s heavy equipment, seeds or blockchains. Permanently developing technology to do good in the world.
Dave Leigh
Participation Interface & Participation Experience Designer
Strategic illustrator, animator and manager spanning decades and industries. Deep diver into the philosophy and ideals of organisations. Truly makes visions visual.
Internet Magicians - Frontend Development
Master wizards
of bridging blockchain
and the web interfaces — a difficult
and arcane art known by few,
and mastered by fewer.
DeShea Kennedy
Project Manager
20 years of management experience
across different industries and
educator of people big and small.
Organises tasks, teams and projects
with a lighthearted touch.
What is Freeos?
Freeos is a new, equitable financial system. It is the first of many tools of collaboration and freedom for the FreeDAO Foundation. We’re beginning with phase 1 - the Freeos AirClaim for 25 weeks. Then we’ll launch phase two - the Freeos Governance Phase. This is where things get interesting. It is designed for registered, verified participants to vote weekly on economic decisions for the FREEOS currency and in return participants earn a continuous income.

We call it a Self-Governed Cooperative Income. We’re empowering Economic Freedom by creating an economic system that is managed directly by the people, for the people.

How did it come about?
In 2018, conversations about community currencies and ideas that there has to be a better way to provide for all led to a literal dream of creating Freeos! The vision is to have a supplementary income that has an impact on people’s lives, especially in the developing world. It can support people to buy groceries and eventually build their houses. For some, this income can make a huge difference.
$FREEOS Tokenomics
FREEOS is the main currency of the Freeos financial system. In addition, Points and FREEBY are supporting financial mechanisms.

Phase 1 - The Freeos AirClaim

The gist:

Participants register and claim Points each week for 25 weeks! These Points can be converted to FREEOS without any fee. However, there is a XUSDC staking requirement that will be returned at the end of the AirClaim.

Phase 2 - Freeos Governance

The gist:

Each week, registered, verified participants can vote on economic parameters for FREEOS - inflation, Mint Fee, pooling, distribution, etc. In return, an equal number of Points are distributed to those who participated in the vote that week.

More about Points

Points are claimed each week. These Points are non-transferable. Points can be converted directly to FREEOS by paying a Mint Fee. FREEOS tokens are tradable on the market;


Points can be converted to FREEBY. FREEBY is transferable only to other Freeos participants. FREEBY can then be converted to FREEOS with a Mint Fee.

What’s with FREEBY?

FREEBY is a mechanism that allows those that can’t afford the Mint Fee to engage in the Freeos system. A corner store or supermarket may decide to accept FREEBY in order to reach a wider market and therefore take on the fee themselves (if they wish to mint FREEOS). FREEBY allows members of the community to help each other out while potentially limiting the supply of FREEOS tokens.
This is a very brief overview. You can check out all the mechanisms and tools under the hood of Freeos on our website -
Why Proton?
We chose EOSIO because of its speed and because of its affordability in terms of gas fees. We chose the Proton blockchain because of its KYC. It’s a compliant blockchain and that’s very useful and helpful for us. The benefits we get from Proton are an amazing wallet, Proton Swap and all the other DeFi options that are coming with Proton. We are very excited to grow with Proton! There’s enormous synergy there - we will attract a lot of people to Proton and Proton has an amazing infrastructure.
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