P2E game with collectible trading NFT cards of personages and various items


P2E game with collectible trading NFT cards of personages and various items



P2E game with collectible trading NFT cards of personages and various items


Thomas has worked in multiple fields, as well as holding multiple leadership roles. He has always had a great passion for games (both board/card and video) as well as technology and in general.
Creative director
Caleb is a graphic designer by trade and has likely designed something on a product you own if you live in the US. He has a great appreciation for art and design flow.
What is Pixel Heroes?
Pixel Heroes is a p2e (Play-to-Earn) card game built on the Proton blockchain.

The central place in the game is occupied by the animated characters - heroes. Each hero has a story and four key characteristics:

  • HP (Health Points)
  • Armor
  • Strength
  • Magic

All heroes are represented as NFTs of various rarity, which can be purchased directly during the regular drop events or on the secondary market. Besides heroes themselves, there are different items, which can be used in the game: weapons, spells, etc.
Pixel Heroes cards
To play the game you should assemble a team of several heroes and items to fight in battles with other players.

Also, there is the Pixel Avatars NFT collection – these avatars can be used by players as their avatars in the game. Plus, avatars have additional utilities described in the next section. The Pixel Avatars are usually sold at auctions on Protonmint.com or Soon.Market.
Pixel Avatars
We designed this infographic which describes the main concepts of the Pixel Heroes game:
Stay tuned and watch the official Telegram group not to miss important announcements!
$PIXEL tokenomics and utilities
$PIXEL is the main currency of the Pixel Heroes ecosystem. It lives on the Proton blockchain.

There is a 10,000,000 $PIXEL hard cap.

The PIXEL token has several uses:

  • Holding at least 1,000 $PIXEL provides you with a free NFT drop every week. The snapshot for this occurs every Friday at 7 PM EST. Once a month, this drop is an exclusive card to $PIXEL Holders and is not for sale directly from Pixel Heroes, LLC. For the exclusive card, serials are awarded in order from the highest $PIXEL holding wallet to the lowest.
  • Holding at least 3,000 $PIXEL provides you with the ability to win an Original Pixel Avatar during special events.

Some future uses we are working on are the following (these are subject to change):

  • Exchange for Pixel Hero merchandise discounts.
  • Exchange for a unique custom Pixel Hero.
  • Entry for tournaments.

The $PIXEL can be bought on the Alcor exchange.

Redemption Token ($RDM)

Redemption tokens are used to claim extra rare variations of your favorite Pixel Heroes. These variants can be found in the Pixel Hero Variants collection on Protonmint.com.

$RDM tokens are distributed to Pixel Avatars holders once a week. One $RDM goes to each avatar holder regardless of the number of avatars held.

Redemption tokens are not sold directly by the company but are traded on the secondary market on the Alcor exchange.

Quest Token (in development)

Quest tokens are earned through completing various quests, typically involving working with Proton Blockchain, Twitter, or around the Pixel Heroes websites. Keep your eyes out for these special tokens!
More information you can find on the official website of the project.
Why Proton?
I first fell in love with Proton from a DeFi and technology perspective. As I explored the ecosystem, I experimented with minting and more. Proton made it straightforward to get started in the NFT space. In particular, two big things that Proton has that benefit NFTs are gasless transactions and wrapped tokens. These allow users to get NFTs at reasonable prices without spending large amounts on gas. In addition, NFTs can be easily purchased and traded among multiple currencies.

On top of this, Proton utilizes the Atomic Assets NFT standard from pink.gg. This makes it easy to create NFTs while also allowing for more advanced options for those who need them.

And also the community. Proton has an incredible, supportive, and strong community. Community is the backbone of NFT, so it makes sense to build a project where such a great one exists.