WARNING! ⚠️ Scam Alert!

Broton's thoughts
I will start this post with the most critical information, so your money will be safe even if you do not finish reading it.

You should never forget two things:

  1. The Proton team members will never send you direct messages in Telegram or anywhere else first.
  2. You and only you have access to your private keys. Never give your private keys to anyone else, whatever they say.

The more the Proton ecosystem grows, the more people it attracts, and the more scammers' interest is rising. Therefore, you should be very careful and always be critical of any information you receive.

What is the most often case of scam attempts, which I have faced myself? You ask a question in one of the Proton official Telegram groups. In several seconds you receive a DM or voice call from a person pretending to be a team member. Most often, this is fake Marlon because Marlon is the most known person in the community, so he inspires with confidence.

The scenarios of conversation could be like these:

You've got an issue with the Wallet? Let me help you... Tell me your private key.


Can I help you somehow? No? Ok, have you heard about airdrop/bonus/etc... To get it you should give me your private key.

It can be not literally "tell me your private key" - sometimes they use something more imaginative: ask you to enter your PK on a phishing website. But anyway, it all boils down to the fact that they need to get your private key - it is the only way to steal your money.

So, as I told you before, you can sleep well until you are the only owner of your private key.

Well, Broton, I hope you will not face those nasty people, but you are ready now if it will happen. 👊