Marshall confirmed that the Proton Loan is almost ready for launch!

As all we know, Proton’s CEO Marshall Hayner was always close to the community, so he is answering questions in the official Telegram group from time to time. Today Marshall has dispelled fears of many community members about the upcoming Proton Loan launch.

I wanted to answer some questions about that and give some clarity as to what we are doing and timelines. Not everything always goes the way you want in software development, however we are still on track this year. This is why Metal doesn’t do public roadmaps with dates, because if a bug or issue comes up and you end up getting delayed, non technical people tend to not understand the complexity and only focused on a missed self imposed deadline.
We had planned to launch Proton Loan in November, and I can’t say whether it will release or won’t over the next few days, the team is hard at work. We ended up back tracking a bit to get the Proton Wallet in iOS (which many people were having severe issues with) resolved which caused the delay for Loan/fiat/2.0
In regards to Proton Wallet 2.0 it is complete more or less but will take about a month or so for external security audit, during this time we will be alpha testing.

So we crossed our fingers and can’t wait to see the Proton Loan alive!