Proton bought a billboard

Proton launched a billboard in San Francisco to attract more new partnerships.

We launched this billboard in San Francisco because we want the right people to discover that the Proton blockchain is ready for them. Every Web3 idea they might have – from the Metaverse to identity attestation, to NFT creation, to decentralized smart contracts, fast borderless payments is already powered by Proton and ready to be ported into their own projects.

Proton wouldn't be a Web3 innovator company if it relied only on offline advertising. 😁 So, besides that, Proton has created 10 limited edition Proton Billboard NFT’s backed up with a $5000 bounty paid in XPR for anyone who refers a company that completes a successful partnership.

Another valuable application of this billboard NFT's minted on is to open it in the AR mode and make a picture of it in beautiful and unusual places, and then post on Twitter with the hashtag #ProtonBillboard.

Find out more information in the official announcement.